Saturday, May 19, 2012

Speedometer & speed control

After I had the El Camino for a few weeks the speedometer stopped working. after inspecting the 2 speedometer cables and the speedometer it was determined it was the cruise control transducer (see picture).

How did I come to the conclusion that it was the cruise control transducer? I basically took off the speedometer and tested to see if that was the problem, the speedometer turned freely. Then I checked the speedometer cable, the one from the speedometer to the cruise control transducer. I did notice that speedometer cable did have a slight restriction but with a little lube it move freely. Then I moved on to the speedometer cable from the transmission to the cruise control transducer. That cable move freely and there was no sign of wear and tear which is common with the plastic gear in the transmission. Then I tested the cruise control transducer that seem to be working properly but when I put everything back together the speedometer cable still do not work.

So I had to do another test on it, what I basically did was blocked off the front wheels, jacked up the backend, started the vehicle and thrown into gear. I disconnected the speedometer cable the one that goes from the transmission to the cruise control transducer. I disconnected this cable at the cruise control transducer started the engine put into gear and see if it was turning, and it was. Next step I disconnected the cable from the cruise control transducer to the speedometer and hooked up the speedometer cable from this transmission to the cruise control transducer. Turned on the El Camino, threw it into gear to see if the top part of the cruise control transducer was turning and it wasn't. After close examination it look like there was wear and tear where the cables connected to the cruise control transducer. The next step is to get a used part and test it. I'll let you know how that goes.

Catalog request - update

Here's an update of the catalogs are requested online. As of today I received Jegs, Summit, JC Whitney, and Eckler's El Camino store catalogs.  To to request your catalogs view my links page by clicking here.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Catalog Request

Well now that I have my new project to work on. I guess the next step is to find parts for my El Camino. Searched the web requested several catalogs, hopefully they will come in the mail in few days. See the link page to request yours.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

First Photos

Created a separate blog page for the first photos and video walk around. Click on Menu Bar on the top "1st Photos" to see them. Or you can click on this link here. Enjoy.

As you can see its going to need a lot of work. Thanks for stoping by, keep coming back for updates.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

In The Beginning

I always wanted an El Camino, well not always. In my late 20's I started to have the desire to own an El Camino. As time went by that desire came more and more stronger. I guess it must be midlife crises, now that i'm forty (showing my age) that desire became to strong. So the search begins, for many months I looked through the classified ads in newspapers, asking friends and family to keep an eye open for me, looking online and Craigslist. I looked at many El Caminos some needed to much work while others were way out of my price range. On April 4, 2012 I came across this gem on Craigslist, 1980 El Camino with a 305, 3 speed auto and it ran. The price was within my range called up the sellers went to look at it and give it a test drive. I was hooked, we negotiated on a price but before I purchased the vehicle I wanted a friend on mine to take a look it. Made arraignments the next day for my friend who happens to be a mechanic to take it for another test drive. His opinion it needs some work but for that age what doesn't need work. On Friday April 5, 2012 I purchased the El Camino from two wonderful sellers, Thank you.

Now with a big smile, I drove MY El Camino home. On my drive home I thought it would be a great idea to do a blog about the  El Camino. I figured it was going to be a big project to restore and customize this vehicle, might as well document everything that I do on a blog to share with others. So the  "My El Camino Project" blog is created. On the following day, Saturday I took many pictures and videos of the 1980 El Camino to document the progress, I'll upload them soon.